BellisMira Scalloped Lace Halter Bralette With Adjustable Bra Clasp

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A product with the perfect combination of lace and adjustable bra clasp. The lace in this appealing apparel makes it perfect for upgrading your fashion trends. The fantastic attractive color of this apparel will make you look zero flaws. This elegant & stylish product can keep yourself the best-dressed. Here, soft and comfy meets sleek and sexy.

Lace helps in adding beauty to your uniqueness. The astonishing adjustable bra clasp set it apart. Simply to say it is completely seamless. Durable material is used in it.

The stunning adjustable bra clasp is perfectly balanced with eye-catching royal color. Also, it is crafted with the trendsetting design.

Colors you can choose BLACK, WHITE, BLUEISH GREY, LIGHT YELLOW, CAMEO BROWN. Various sizes available: S, M, L. Buy most admired exclusive products at Distinctive Woman. A product more than Sexy!