Secret Lift Bra Tape Petals (10 Pack) - Distinctive Woman

Secret Lift Bra Tape Petals (10 Pack)

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A Bra though invisible outside will elevate the look and beauty of your apparel. These Secret lift bra tape petals are a perfect replacement for your sturdy and uncomfortable bras with a seam. It is easy to use and will not only give a supportive hold to your breasts but also lifts it from the top, unlike other conventional bras. Just peel off the protective layer and stick to get a seamless perfect contour. It is perfect for seamless, backless and swimsuits and will stay in place with maximum comfort to the skin. This will stay invisible and can also be used as an extra lift layer with your normal bra. This single size tape petals fits all breast sizes and are so comfortable. Feel light and free with these skin-friendly adhesive bra tape petals.

Accessorize your apparel with this worth innerwear for flawless contour look. This exquisite item adds more grace to you and an edge to your fancy.